PEK TECHNIC embodying Tool house, Metal Injection Machines, CNC Turning and Vertical Machining Centers, Eccentric Presses, Surface Treatments Machines and Assembly Department is an integrated casting and finishing plant.

Metal Injection Molding Department

There are Cold Chamber Metal InjectionMachines ( 100-750 ton) in this department. Aluminum and Zamac Alloys are consumed as raw material in this department.

Press Shop Department

There are eccentric and trimming presses cutting and bending sheet metals in this department.

Machining and Finishing Department

There are CNC Turning Machines, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Tapping Centers and different types of machining and finishing machines in this department.

Tool House Department

Our tool house has skilled personal and high quality machine equipment to produce tools and die for the plastic – metal injection machines and cutting-bending sheet metal for the eccentric presses. Because we have tool house in our factory, our production costs decrease and productivity increase.


Assembled brake and engine spare parts are produced for the Aftermarket Automotive industry.

Surface Treatment Department

There are vibration and Tumbling Type – Shot Blasting Machines in this department.